Douglas Milnes
@douglas Political Commentator at antimisandry.com
Mason Rattée
@masonrattee 17 y/o Conservative Libertarian Jew. Interested in economics, philosophy (particularly ethics) and politics. Aspiring political commentator. Twitter: @masonrattee
Louise Burfitt-Dons
@louisebd Author of Moderating Feminism, former UK political candidate, children's charity founder
@absitinvidia We are but thought criminals seeking refuge in a world gone mad; bandits on the run along the information superhighway; idea pirates and parrots set adrift on the high seas.
Christina Hoff Sommers
@chsommers Resident scholar at American Enterprise Institute. Former philosophy professor. Author of Who Stole Feminism? Host of weekly video blog: The Factual Feminist.
@philosophytorres Scholar at the Future of Life Institute, author of The End: What Science and Religion Tell Us About the Apocalypse (http://goo.gl/wT0pzV), and founder Director of the X-Risks Institute (www.xrisksinstitute.com).
The Swog Blog
@swogblog I'm just here to cause trouble. Follow me on Twitter @hunterswogg!
@lwlabi French cis straight white able-bodied gender-conforming binary non-gendered-fluid patriarchy-adorning over-privileged pro-GamerGate
M. C. Shelby
@mcshelby Aspiring freethinker, liberty lover, incurable skeptic, writer, geek, and philosophile. Multiple End of the World prophecy survivor.
@lifeweavings Relational Living Mentor, dedicated to increasing understanding of psychology and our relational reality
@franklin Art, writing, comics, code. http://einspruch.com
Craig Bragg
@craggbragg Canadian jimmy rustler
Toni Airaksinen
@toniairaksinen Student at Barnard College
Gad Saad
@gadsaad Professor of Marketing, Evolutionary Behavioral Scientist, & Author.
@shimafamily I come from a small totalitarian nightmare called Nifushima. Don't go there :D
Peter Boghossian
@peterboghossian Reason, rationality, critical thinking, and Street Epistemology.
Chris Hearn
@chearn73 Feel Good Hit Of The Summer
Malhar Mali
@malharmali I'm interested in our culture, politics, science, religion, and philosophy.
Mark Ankucic
@markankucic Exceptionally Mediocre
Cathy Young
@cathyyoung Reason Contributing Editor
@allthink News and support for our free thought community.
@newsish Disgruntled former employee
Bri Holt
@bri Founder of Allthink. ("br-eye")
@poetnwar Small Business Owner
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