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I don't feel contempt towards Milo.

Let's back up. By now everyone inclined to read this has seen the clips where he's, frankly, covering up the name of a paedophile or several (defined here as including everyone who has had carnal knowledge of a person under the age of consent who doesn't fall under a Romeo and Juliet exemption), among other things. He also, in the podcast interview, reveals he was a victim of sexual abuse as a minor, and refuses to disclose the name of his abuser.

I am inclined to believe him when he says he was sexually abused in his youth. Unlike, say, toting a mattress around campus in support of a rape claim found to be baseless, getting several other people to collude in firing off allegations also found to be baseless, and later recreating the alleged incident on tape, claiming to have been sexually abused as a minor by an unnamed authority figure doesn't carry much in the way of reward, and has an incredibly high risk of blowback if shown to be a deception. I am therefore accepting on the balance of probabilities that he was telling the truth about it.

Now, regarding his failure to disclose the names of the other high-profile people he claims are abusing the underage; he should take that to the police, not some podcaster. These are serious criminal allegations; they should be referred to the authorities for investigation. The satanic child abuse hoaxes of the 1980s showed us why proper and sober police investigation is the only way to deal with such charged matters. Mind you, I can also understand why he hasn't; if he can't come to them with anything substantive for them to go with, then it's his word against several other people's, and that will go nowhere. Throwing their names out on the internet - sans hard evidence - would most likely do nothing but open him up to a defamation lawsuit (assuming it went anywhere at all - see Jimmy Savile).

And I can get why he won't disclose the name of his own abuser. The Royal Commission Into institutional Childhood Sexual Abuse is rife with people who have trouble years, even decades, later merely talking in generalities about what they went through. It's possible - quite likely - that Milo is psychologically incapable of naming his assailant. Again see Jimmy Savile; many of his victims didn't speak up until the man was dead.

It's also practically a given that he's carrying some pretty major damage in his head. Again, look at the Royal Commission's findings.

When that's taken into account his behaviour suddenly becomes more understandable; and yes, that includes his downplaying of similar incidents. It's simple; if that sort of thing isn't so bad, then what happened to him isn't so bad. It's the kind of mechanism employed by a mind desperately holding itself together by any means available.

Among my circle of friends there are a few who've been sexually abused as children (more than I can count on one hand, fewer than two - a mix of male and female). Milo's behaviour in rationalising it, joking about it, downplaying it, claiming it's widespread or normal, joking about it, even borderline (or outright) excusing it, refusing to name names; I've seen it all before in them. From what I've seen it's pretty typical defensive behaviour for a survivor of childhood sexual abuse (given the suicide rate, the word "survivor" is appropriate). The only behaviour any of them showed that I've yet to see Milo display is self-blame (although he does seem to have a bent towards self-destructive behaviour).

When viewed through that lens, a lot of his actions suddenly become understandable. Not excusable - he's done some obviously awful things - but understandable.

So no, I don't feel contempt towards Milo. I don't feel hate, or anger, or disgust. And I don't find his behaviour repulsive or vile.

The only emotion I can muster is pity; I feel sorry for him. I find his behaviour tragic. The man needs help.

Unless, of course, he turns out to be lying about it. In which case, the only emotion would be "fury", and the words I'd use to describe him aren't repeatable, even for an Australian.

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