Chris HearnChris HearnJan 9, 2017

Why Did Hillary Lose? Well, Here Is One Reason:

Since the end of the 2016 election, when Hillary Clinton lost and the world got stuck with Donald Trump, the battle has raged on as to why. Sadly, much of it seems to revolve around almost everything except mistakes that Hillary Clinton herself made.

She truly did mess up this election and failed in getting the electoral votes in key states that she needed. The fact she won the popular vote really is irrelevant because, well, everyone knows what the system is and that is the way it has been for generations. So, vote numbers aside, yes, she lost this election, and she did it her way.

I wrote this article back at the beginning of September 2016 for Reverb Press after watching in frustration as Hillary did pretty much everything she could to avoid actually campaigning while Trump criss-crossed the country, speaking to huge crowds. In many ways, she abandoned America when America needed her, and it bit her, and her country, in the butt.

Hillary Clinton, America Needs You! Time To Come Out Of Hiding!

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