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What The Fuck Is The "Chicago Review Of Books"?

It...ain't shit.

The Chicago Review Of Books is today's darling of the left for taking a Stunning and Braveā„¢ stand against Simon & Schuster for their decision to publish Milo Yiannopoulos' upcoming book Dangerous:

https://twitter.com/bookschicago/status/814544045825474561And due to their name having a major city in it and awkwardly stating that they do indeed review books, people seem to this that this is some sort of legitimate, influential literary institution.

It isn't.

The Chicago Review Of Books doesn't even have a wikipedia page. Before yesterday, they had only 782 likes on Facebook, and less than 3,350 followers on Twitter despite following nearly 5,000 in a spammy attempt to get their name out.


Their website traffic is tragic. Currently ranked at 769,154th in America according to SimilarWeb, chireviewofbooks.com struggles to get 5,000 views a month. For reference, compare this to Milo's yiannopoulos.net, which is literally just a homepage listing upcoming tour dates:


Their website's engagement is non-existent. There isn't a comment to be found on any of their "reviews," save for the one I posted just to see if their fuckin comment section actually works:

https://www.allthink.com/i/F0039FE9F0B596A3FB9D98992EF6D80206AA56342126BE5219E60F37C5E39C6B/image.pngThe Chicago Review Of Books "refusing" to review Simon & Schuster books would be like my dad's bar band "refusing" to play at Trump's inauguration. The only appropriate response is: "I'm sorry, who the fuck are you?"

This well-executed publicity stunt will buy this meaningless entity 15 minutes of social media fame and nothing more, because people are already starting to realize that the Chicago Review Of Books ain't shit.



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