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Why Are You Making These People Rich?

The contempt and disdain among the elite in media, pop culture and corporate athletics display towards the people who make them rich is striking. Like the political ruling class, their wealth and social position has insulated from what much of the populace experiences. The political class has engineered law, regulation and policy to ensure immunity and advantage. These other elites can be dislodged. The reason is simple, the political class can compel the populace to comply under threat of imprisonment, legal prosecution or financial ruin. The others cannot compel or coerce people; to invest time, money and leisure time in perpetuating their status. The tyranny and contempt of the governing towards the governed is a story old as dirt. The emergence of sellers demeaning, castigating and insulting their buyers is a new concept in the marketplace. It does not seem to have occurred to them that they lack the power to compel. They, whether they not it or not, have to rely on conditioning/predisposing compliance via omnipresent, sophisticated and technology rich marketing (i.e. emotional/psychological manipulation.) Like the political ruling class, these elites no longer disguise their contempt but repeatedly broadcast it through multiple channels. In doing so they risk the emergence of their customers saying- not buying, not interested. Woe to them if significant audience share discovers the power of their purse and withhold consumption. My guess is that the enterprises that support their status will quickly adapt to consumer behavior. To that I say, I'll take a large popcorn please. Of, course it takes two to tango. The customer, financier of these elites display the battered wife syndrome in which women (men too) endure abusive behavior because they know, deep down, the abuser really does love and cares for them.
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Why Are You Making These People Rich? The contempt and disdain among the elite in media, pop culture and corporate athletics display towards the people who make them rich is striking. Like the political ruling class, their wealth and social
This same rationale can be useful in many more realms than what you name here, in terms of the individual re-asserting autonomy and liberty on their own terms. Does anyone really have to, for instance, shop at Walmart? Fly on jetliners? Purchase new automobiles? Live in McMansions? Buy name-brand over store-brand? Post on farcebook? Cross borders for leisure and recreation?

These are just a few examples, of entirely voluntary activities, pursuits and priorities, which a great many people in the so-called "developed" world treat instead as a hybrid of life requirements and civil rights. I'm not talking about "privilege" here: plenty of people who maybe don't have the means to do any of these things, believe nonetheless that their lives would be made better if they did someday. It isn't just a question of what one is able to avail oneself of or not, but what one values as worth doing or having at all, or doesn't.

It never seems to occur to people, for instance, that a lifestyle of expensive partying and socializing, consuming expensive non-commodities like gourmet foods, fine wines, designer drugs etc, doesn't particularly fulfill or solve anything for them? Or that five-figure vacations in someone else's country, where everything goes wrong, no one in the group gets along or has a good time, everyone is secretly wishing they were home watching TV, and all parties go back to work exhausted and depressed, maybe weren't such a smart investment?

The entire ethos of modern life, fueled by endless advertising and propaganda, is based not on greed but on covetousness: you must want what we say you want, not because you need it or it will make you happy, but because someone else has it, and don't you wish you could have some of what they have? It is a preening, barbaric, ill-considered, degrading code of behavior; and yet this cult of envy has infiltrated into every pursuit of ordinary life: education, career, family, faith, law, leisure, romance... try and think of any realm of day-in-day-out living in this society, that does not have within it some element of not just envy but an expectation and elevating of enviousness. I doubt you can.

Once upon a time, long ago, I thought that what the whole hippie-dropout-back-to-the-land thing was about, was a repudiation of material greed and envy both, a willingness to take life and people as they come and celebrate reality as it is. If this were ever the case, it didn't hold up as a mindset for very long. What was once "alternative" is now Ben & Jerry's and Trader Joe's, just more consumer-product lines whose pitch is as much a feeling of enviability to be bought. as any kind of worthwhile experience of the products themselves.

Does it, can it, ever end? Why is it so elusive a thing, to want what we have, instead of obsessing away and trading off every vestige of liberty and dignity, to have what (we think) we want?
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