@insanityisfree@insanityisfreeDec 16, 2016

How To Judge Others Effectively, And Gracefully Admit Defeat


1. You are nothing in the grand scheme of things. Accept this.

2. Get your mental house in order before trying it.

3. Accept that judgement isn't about you winning, it's about truth. See 1.

4. Do not reject judgement you'd pass on someone for the same thing.

5. Judge yourself at least twice as harshly for what you'd judge others on.

6. Combine 5, 4, 1, and 3 to accept your own failures, and improve 2 in the process.


Why would I write to tell you how to judge others effectively, and gracefully admit defeat? I'm tired of vapid and/or unduly arrogant discourse poisoning nearly all minds, and those who could be effective judges given proper room being choked out by an intellectually empty environment of tolerance.

Just remember what you sacrifice with false nicety and undeserved, faux "respect": You allow illogical mentalities and psychological frailty to thrive, providing those carrying it are in an ever expanding safe space. You suffocate reason and stifle debate. You make everyone weaker. Including you.

[Based on a convo earlier today. I decided to codify loose rules I apply to judgement of others.]

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