Michelle CatlinMichelle CatlinOct 3, 2016

The 10 Dumbest Things on the Anti-Defamation League's Hate Symbol List

If there's one thing white supremacist and ultra-nationalist groups love it's heavy use of symbols, gestures, and mottos. Hundreds of them have been created or appropriated by them.

So there are many websites dedicated to monitoring these movements that put all these symbols, mottos, and gestures into a database. The Anti-Defamation League, a zionist organization that is ironically quite dedicated to defamation took this to a completely silly level by adding a Pepe the Frog, a well known meme and cartoon frog to the list.

But this isn't the only dumb thing they've added to their database. Their hate symbol database does include many legimate symbols tied to hate and white supremacy. But then there are symbols so ridiculously unrelated to white supremacy one has to wonder why they're in here in the first place.

Now the ADL tries to explain this away by saying that we need to look at it in context and only consider it a hate symbol when applied by white supremacists. But that's exactly what makes adding these so ridiculous, because anything can be used and appriopriated by white supremacists and almost everything already has.

So without further a do these are the top 10 most dumbest things added in the ADL hate symbol list.

10. Numbers


Hey do you like to use the "100%" emoji? Well you're apparently a white supremacist now. Because 100% is actually a white supremacist codeword for "100% white". Other numbers that are apparently white supremacist include 12, 13, 14, 1423, 1488, 18, 21-2-12, 28, 311, 318, 43, 511, 737, 83, and 88. Some of them such as the 14 words and 88 (standing for Heil Hitler) make sense but a lot of these are pretty far reaching

9. "hate" and "h8"


Well geez, the term hate is a hate symbol. Kinda makes sense when you think about it. What could be the best representation of a hate symbol if not the word hate? Well such a broad descriptive word is obviously far too vague to be an actual symbol. But hey if white supremacists have tattoos of it I guess it must make it white supremacist

8.Triangular Klan Symbol


Well this is a bit awkward for the Legend of Zelda fans. Apparently they've been walking around in Klan t-shirts all this time. Apparently this KKK symbol resembles a triforce or emblem based on the 13th century Hōjō clan but it's actually a weird jumble of the three K's together. Despite this I could not find any source of this symbol being used beyond the ADL site itself.

7. Iron Cross


The Iron Cross is a symbol that's frequently mistaken for Nazi symbolism, and that's why skinhead wannabe white supremacists often wear them. But the ADL should know better than that.

The Iron Cross is millitary decoration that predates Nazi Germany and goes back to Prussia. Sure the Nazis did use the Iron Cross as decoration, but that had little to do with Nazism and more to do with German tradition. In modern day the Iron Cross is still frequently used in the German millitary and is more often associated with Heavy Metal culture than Nazism.

Fun fact: Conservative pundit Milo Yiannopoulos got accused of Neo-nazism due to wearing an Iron Cross.

6. Thor's Hammer


Well if you enjoy Norse mythology or Marvel comics I might have some bad news for you.

Germanic Paganism or Heathenry has frequently been associated with white supremacy through Neo-völkisch movements. As such a lot of Nordic and Germanic symbolism including Mjölnir has been accused of white supremacy. But by that logic the Christian cross should be white supremacist due to the KKK and Postive Christianity.

Maybe this means the Red Skull is worthy of Mjölnir

5. Runic Writing


No it's not just enough that Pre-Christian Germanic religions are white surpremacist, but entire languages are now too. If you're a linguist who wants to learn the meaning behind runic text you might be white supremacist...because tattoos.

4. German Phrases


But no it doesn't end there, not only are ancient languages white supremacist, but the modern German language is now white supremacist guys! Evil German words such as "Weiss", "Macht", "Stark", are a No-No now. So if you're learning German better learn to not combine these scary sounding words.

3. White Shoelaces


Shoelaces...no seriously. Freaking. Shoelaces. That is what passes as a hate symbol nowadays. Honestly is there even anything to say anymore about this? Shoelaces are now a hate symbol because some white supremacists have white shoelaces on their boots? This is draining my intelligence.



As if Pitbulls already hadn't enough of an unwarranted bad reputation, here comes the ADL along to tell you that owning a Pitbull associates yourself with white supremacy. Apparently white supremacists think that Pitbulls are tough and badass looking. So I guess that means because Pitbulls are so often used in dog fighting it means Pitbulls are a symbol of being pro dog abuse?

1. Pepe the Frog


And finally, the meme, the legend, Pepe the Frog himself. Pepe the Frog has completely changed the 2016 election in a completely surreal twist and how this little guy became a hate symbol is beyond me. And I shouldn't have to explain why Pepe is not a hate symbol, but I did anyway in a different article that you can check out here.

Personally I hope that the ADL could take a chill pill and stop acting so McCarthyist. But if they're going to continue I hope they'll at least add anime to their database.

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