James A. LindsayJames A. LindsaySep 16, 2016
A topic for discussion: In general, who is happier, conservatives or liberals? Why do you think so?
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@rationalathiest@rationalathiestSep 20, 2016257 views
A topic for discussion: In general, who is happier, conservatives or liberals? Why do you think so?
Conservatives. Liberals, and all the other collectivists, believe some variety of "humanity is a cancer," or "people are evil," or "people should not be free because they make bad decisions." How could you possibly be happy when you hold those philosophical notions about your own species?

Also, the data says they are happier - pss.sagepub.com/content/19/6/565.abstract
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@itsthatguyagain@itsthatguyagainSep 20, 2016318 views
A topic for discussion: In general, who is happier, conservatives or liberals? Why do you think so?
My unscientific view is that by and large liberals in person are bland, cautious, cynical, unoriginal, and only amused when something ridicules or discredits a de rigeur target of the social justice mindset. Going back to the 60s-70s and the rise of George Carlin, Rowan & Martin, The Not Ready For Primetime Players, etc, we saw a shift in the content of public humor from apolitical and generally-accessible slapstick mocking the human experience as a whole, to a kind of directed ridicule that counted on an audience to laugh on cue in a decidedly partisan, and mostly anti-conservative or anti-traditional manner.

On the other hand, the several years I have spent in my lifetime in far more conservative-oriented communities such as the little prairie cow town where I live now, I find folks easy to engage on mundane and everyday topics, like literally the weather or the conduct of kids or the details and pitfalls of some mechanical undertaking; topics that the sort of people I describe above would find irrelevant or even grating to their hifalutin, urbane sensibilities. In parallel with this is a common habit of conservative people to shift uneasily or change the subject when someone tries to bring in gossip, politics or any kind of judgmental bombast to a conversation, even when the matter might be one all present would probably agree on.

In essence, everything I had been instructed to believe about conservative people by liberals, and have spent a good balance throughout the course of my life among both, is demonstrably false: I have not found ordinary conservative people intolerant, judgmental, quick to anger, racist, sexist, religiously dogmatic, oppressive of women, cruel to children, backward, ignorant, untraveled or poorly educated. In the main I have found the opposite of each of these to be the case.

On the other hand, most of the crass, rude, aggressive, mean-spirited, virtue-signaling, unkind, bigoted, dismissive, contemptuous, uninclusive and plain old impolite conduct, almost all, I have witnessed, has been among people who considered themselves as having a social conscience and saw conservatism as evil incarnate and seldom hesitated to say so in detail.

So who's happier? You tell me, people who pride themselves on the right to act like thirteen-year-olds out of adult earshot (aka liberals), or people who endeavor to honor their father and mother and their upbringings with the way they conduct themselves (aka conservatives)?
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