Michelle CatlinMichelle CatlinSep 5, 2016
You also use the widely mocked "Doomsday clock" which has absolutely no scientific basis beyond wild conjecture. You claim Milo is an authoritarian for supporting a candidate who hates free speech when you are clearly calling for no-platforming, you oversimplify a difficult environmental issue to bullshit climate alarmism that would make Al Gore laugh his ass off (over an issue that Milo has never even once discussed on Rubin as far as i'm aware) and yet still use that as your grant claim that he's equal to a flat earther, and you already have proven yourself to not be a classical liberal despite your insistence you are. (And considering you don't even know the actual definition of classical liberal which is basically a classical variation of fiscal conservatism it again shows that you are nothing more than a living dunning-kruger effect)
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