Ahnaf KalamAhnaf KalamAug 2, 2016

Meet Ajamu Baraka: Jill Stein's equally dishonest running mate

Green party presidential candidate Jill Stein announced today her choice for her running mate, Ajama Baraku, a "human rights activist" famed for his opposition to the death penalty. A quick Google search for Baraku yields strikingly few results which include a five-stanza Wikipedia stub, and his blog on BlackAgendaReport.com, who afford him the generosity of referring to him as a "columnist and editor."

Despite the lack of information online about the mysterious Baraku, his blogs are extremely telling of exactly who he is. To nobody's surprise, he is a vocal Black Lives Matter activist and a member of the progressive far left who invites his readers to believe among other things that it was not the bloodthirsty jihadists of IS who have blood on their hands for the massacres in Paris and Orlando, but rather the American and French governments for their involvement in the war on terror, further maintaining that those who grieve for the victims of terror attacks in America and Europe are simply white supremacists. Nevermind that the terrorists actually had blood on their hands.

Predictably, Baraku is a shameless apologist for Islamist terror organisations, practically going down the entire list of excuses, ranging from his regular "No True Scotsman" crying and his scapegoating of Israel to his unending calls for a dialogue on Western foreign policy and the nuanced geopolitics of the Middle East. In an exceptionally shameless display of dishonesty and masochism, he not only blames the US for the creation of ISIS as many on the left do but further goes on to say that ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi (or Abu Baka as he spells it) was a former CIA asset –– a claim that he literally made up with not a single piece of evidence to substantiate it. I suppose it's become fashionable these days for people to assert that any given bad guy to have ever existed throughout history was actually a Western puppet of the CIA, confident that nobody will bother to call them out on it.

Jill Stein's campaign has marketed itself as the "lesser of two evils." But between her delusional stance on vaccines and medicine despite being a physician, her distrust of WiFi, her apocalyptic foreign policy, and her morally-inverted extremist of a running mate, even a vote for Trump or Hilary seems reasonable if it means America won't see somebody like Jill Stein in the White House.

Image from ajamubaraka.com

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