James A. LindsayJames A. LindsayJul 27, 2016
Nothing to see here.
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@gmunny33@gmunny33Jul 27, 2016320 views
Nothing to see here.
For all those who argue "Trump hasn't done x (x being some overstated Hillary thing)," that is a great illustration of why you should not vote for Trump. Trump has never done x because Trump has never been in a position to do x because Trump has never held any elected office of any kind. We would give the keys to the galaxy's most powerful spaceship to a person who has never taken Calculus. Not being a politician is not a good pro-Trump argument. Many idiots have also never been in politics.
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@gmunny33@gmunny33Jul 27, 2016279 views
Nothing to see here.
You can't honestly think that Trump is even remotely comparable to, say, Eisenhower, who did not have political experience, it's true. Of course, he led the Allies against the greatest evil of the 20th century. Just a small mitigating factor you may want to consider.
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@gmunny33@gmunny33Jul 27, 2016293 views
Nothing to see here.
Also great article James. Rather long but it kind of had to be in an unfortunate way.
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