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@itsthatguyagain@itsthatguyagainJul 23, 2016301 views
Social Justice is Unaccountable - YouTube
I appreciate the reasoning in this, even more so because I hardly ever bother with Youtube videos, but had enjoyed some pleasant exchanges with this poster in the past, so I took a chance on this one.

I have already taken much fire here and elsewhere, for calling out both the men's rights "movement" and those feminists who deign to pat manhood on its wittle head for being the kind of victims they want us to be so they can feel sorry for us and thus demonstrate their noblesse oblige at our expense. Both versions of so-called "pro-male" sentiments stand as statements that the only way men will have our rights and our dignity upheld, is to get in the victim-queue and start demanding this "social justice" for ourselves as yet another class of entitled victims.

I hope anyone reading this will take first the line of reasoning used in this video, then recognize at a glance just how much both the men's-rights and supposedly non-man-hating feminist crowds are using the precise same tactic of repudiating individual accountability in men's behalf, and further recognize that this is not doing the cause of manhood one iota of good nor ever will.
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